Q & A

Q: Why does your soap cost so much? 

A: Our soap is made with quality natural and organic ingredients to ensure you are benefiting from the best skin-loving oils and butters. The work that goes into creating handmade soap can be very labor intensive as we design the soap, make the soap, cut the soap, design labels for the soap, allow curing time (4-6 weeks) for the soap, package the soap, prepare the soap for shipping, and finally ship the soap to you. It is a long process but worth every penny.

Q: Why do you use Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)? 

A: Soap cannot be made without using Sodium Hydroxide. Soap is manufactured by chemically combining Sodium Hydroxide with oils, which then turns into soap (a totataly different substance). The Lye is completely dissolved through the process of saponification. Therefore, no lye remains in the end product called soap.

Q: Why do you charge different prices?

A:  We charge by weight. Since our soap is handmade, there may be variations in cutting. Some soap may be cut smaller than others and we don't think it's fair to charge the same price for soap across the board that have weight differences. To be fair, we've established a range in ounces and allow the customer to choose their weight and price they want to pay.