The Soaping Community -VS- The Soaping Industry

The Soaping Community -VS- The Soaping Industry

Your skin is not the problem in using these big manufactured store-bought brands of soap or other products but for this post, we’ll talk about soap. It’s what they put in them! They even have brands that suggest the problem is YOU and label them as “sensitive skin” 🤭 So much trickery!

Did you know that the water supply being pumped into your house is so hard and harsh that soap manufacturers feel the need to add harmful bubbly agents(surfactants) to their cheap soap-making process, stripping the soap of all essential properties to the point that they can’t even call it soap anymore (check it out the next time you’re in the “soap” aisle). They think you believe that more suds = a clean body, even if it does not rinse off completely, leaving a film that may irritate your skin. So for all of these years, making a soap sudsy has been their priority over the health and safety of their products.

Well times are changing and the small homemade soap communities have busted their myth wide open by proving surfactants are not needed to make soap sudsy. We have become top notch soap chemists, combining natural ingredients to make a better quality and more healthy skin cleanser, without using toxic products. We know the perfect formula of using high quality natural oils and butters to achieve different types of lathers in just the right sequence to create an excellent bar of cleansing soap. Our work is especially important because soap is the one major product used by the entire world on a daily basis, on the largest organ of our bodies. So this makes our soaping work more significant to help people decrease the toxins being absorbed through the skin and forces the big industry leaders to recognize the importance of changing their products to provide quality over quantity(I’m starting to see a gradual change in the stores but we are not there yet).

So when you support a small home-based soap maker, you are making a silent but loud statement, telling those big brand named companies that you demand better!


At Zinnia Body Essentials, our priority is YOU and will always be YOU!

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